While you should not depend on your beach umbrella exclusively for your sun protection. The beach umbrella is a good start. Even with a beach umbrella that is UV resistant though,  you still need to take other sun counter measures.

Beach Umbrella Sun Protection And Beyond

In fact the beach umbrella should be part of a system of sun protection gear that you use to mitigate the risk of heat exposure, heat exhaustion, and of course sun burn. It is always good that you use sunscreen when on the oceanfront or any beach. The umbrella gives you a place of shade with cooler temperatures on the beach.

The odds are though you will be moving in and out of the shade on the beach. Also the umbrellas is not going to filter out all the UV rays. On top of that, there is more to worry about than just sunburn. The shade can help you reduce the exhaustion of being in the direct heat all day, a critical factor when you are outdoors in the hottest part of the day. Beach coverups, and hats are also other excellent beach accessories to reduce exposure. Likewise you should be always be monitoring both heat exposure and sun exposure. Neglecting either could have dire consequences.

Other Precautions Beyond The Beach Umbrella

To manage both sun exposure and heat exposure you should you need to make sure you have habits in place to keep you protected. Here are a few simple things to consider to help protect you from both concerns.

Drink Lots Of Water

You would think this was second nature in the heat but you have to continually monitor your water consumption. Dehydration and heat exhaustion can creep up on you. You do not want to wait until your body is depleted of water to rehydrate. This is probably the single most important thing you can do in extreme heat, like the beach, to help stave off heat exhaustion.

Limit Total Outdoor Exposure

Limit the amount of time you are in the heat or direct sun. Give your body a chance to rest without pushing your limits.

Reapply The Sunscreen

It is very easy to let the sunscreen wear off during a long day at the beach. In doing so you open yourself up to unwanted sun exposure. So set an alarm on your Iphone to reapply that sunscreen.

Protect the Umbrella

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