Preservation: pres·er·va·tion | \ ˌpre-zər-ˈvā-shən

…the activity or process of keeping something valued alive, intact, or free from damage or decay


What’s worth preserving in your life? It’s a question that can make one go deep… memories, childhood, etc. Well, let’s stay on the surface for a second. What is something you own that’s worth preserving? Perhaps something that is of beauty, is a family heirloom, or was a costly piece of art? Most of the time, those possessions come with glass boxes and curio cabinets to keep them safe and out of harms’ way. 


But, what about those precious items in your life that can’t fit into a protective glass box? Or, items that are costly and deserve protection in order to live out their complete shelf-life at full value? Think big… cars, boats, furniture —- all personal effects that you’ve likely spent thousands on, and that you’ve probably chosen unique and custom design choices that make them even more special.


The largest, long-term, threat to these items’ wear-and-tear is the sun. Yes, the thing we desire the most right now in this cold January, is the very thing that can fade and damage the upholstery and fabric on some of your most precious goods. We have the product that will partner with your garage and your tarps to protect your fabrics during their sun-exposed time.


Solar Shield Protection® is a fabric protection spray designed to keep indoor and outdoor fabrics, including outdoor carpet, safe from fading caused by the sun, safe from spills and spotting, and safe from weathering. Solar Shield is an auto upholstery, boat upholstery and patio/outdoor fabric protection spray that helps prevent staining, soiling and sun fading! 


When you use Solar Shield Protection on your outdoor fabrics, you are making the right step in preserving their longevity and life. We’ve got you covered outside, literally! Purchase this Anti-fading Fabric Protection Spray here.  Learn more about our other anti-fading fabric protection sprays here.

Now, go get preserving!