Solar Seal

Protecting  Indoor Carpet and Upholstery Fabrics.

Solar Seal Carpet Protector / Upholstery Protector

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Solar-Seal® Treatment is the best fabric protector spray / carpet protector spray that combines the greatest anti-soil protection available with the latest in ultra-violet chemistry. This clear, totally invisible, highly durable micro-emulsion formula is not water-based like a Teflon carpet protector or a Scotchgard fabric protector.

Solar-Seal® Treatment can safely be applied to almost all fabrics and window coverings as a spray fabric protector.  It can also be applied as a rug protector spray to oriental rugs or as a carpet protector spray to wall to wall carpets. This revolutionary new carpet protector / fabric protector treatment not only protects your textiles from spots and spills but also from fading and color loss caused by the sun.

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