When you are looking for ways to keep your colored fabrics bright, one of the things that you can use is anti-fading fabric spray. This product’s primary purpose is to help prevent color fade on different materials. Since some dyes can easily wash out if exposed to too much sunlight or washed incorrectly, using an anti-fading spray can help keep your favorite fabrics looking brand new.

Some people may be familiar with anti-fade shampoo for their hair, which is an excellent way to maintain dyed hair. While this type of fabric spray works under similar principles, some crucial differences need to be understood before purchasing.

What Is Anti-Fading Fabric Spray, and What Does It Do?

The easiest way to think about the anti-fading spray is as a type of sunscreen for your fabrics. It works by blocking the UV rays from ultraviolet light, which can cause color fade. Although it won’t help with fading caused by showering or washing, this product will work well to keep your fabrics from becoming too faded after being left out in the sun.

How to Use Anti-Fading Fabric Spray

Using an anti-fading spray is a pretty simple process. Before you dress, it’s worth following recommendations to spray the product directly onto your fabrics. Once done, you can then wear them as usual and enjoy their color.

The Benefits of Using Anti-fading Fabric Spray

There are a few primary benefits associated with using an anti-fading spray. The most obvious benefit is that it will help keep your colored fabrics from becoming faded and dull-looking over time. While there are fading shampoos that you can use on non-white fabrics, these sprays work faster and tend to be more thorough.

The Best Time to Use Anti-fading Fabric Spray

You will want to use this type of spray on your fabrics when you know that the fabric will face extended exposure to sunlight or fluorescent light. Since most dyes can fade over time, it’s vital to ensure that they are protected as much as possible. That means using anti-fading spray before heading outside and wearing fabrics  that receive exposure to fluorescent light.

How Often Should I Use Fabric Spray?

Because the anti-fading spray is primarily for occasional use, there’s no specific rule on how frequently you’ll use yours. Still, you will want to generally apply this type of spray before wearing any piece of fabrics, especially if you know you’ll face conditions that cause fading.

How to Store and Dispose of Anti-fading Fabric Spray Safely

Since most fabric sprays come in only 8 ounces or smaller containers, it’s important to remember that they’re examples of hazardous waste if not disposed of properly. Therefore, it’s always appropriate to check the label on your product and look for information about how to discard your anti-fading spray safely. That may involve taking it directly to a hazardous waste center, or it might mean using a dangerous waste disposal service to help take care of the problem.

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