Looking to update your outdoor patio furniture this Spring as we prepare for warmer weather and increased outdoor living? It’s time to toss those faded cushions and pillows and liven up your collection! But, where do you start? You don’t want to make the same mistakes as the past and end up in the same scenario in April of 2022… faded, weathered, and time to replace.  

You need to choose new cushions and pillows, or perhaps other outdoor fabric? Let’s break down the best outdoor fabric choices on the market! 

Outdoor fabrics are often categorized and groups as follows:

-Marine Vinyl

-PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Mesh

-Solution-dyed Acrylic or Olefin

And, perhaps the most popular option for patio cushions and pillows: Polyester! 

If you prioritize a wide selection of colors and designs, along with a low-cost option, you should be looking for Polyester-based outdoor fabrics. Another bonus about polyester outdoor fabrics is that they are easy to sew, making them a prime candidate for updating cushions and pillows on outdoor patio furniture. 

The other categories of outdoor fabric options listed above are also viable options but keep in mind that their cost increases alongside their durability. 

Making an intentional choice about fabric and, pairing that choice with our Solar Shield Protection Spray, an Indoor/Outdoor Stain and UV Fabric Protection Spray, or, Ray & Rain Repellant®, an Anti-Fading Fabric Spray made for waterproofing fabric, you won’t be scratching your head a year from now about how to replace your cushions and pillows. Instead, you will be removing your patio furniture covers and relaxing on your like-new fabric— all thanks to our Anti-Fading Fabric Sprays!