Dog adoptions have been at an all-time high throughout this past year. Whether you’ve owned dogs for a long time or are a first-time pet owner, if you’re one of the almost 90 million people in the United States who own dogs, you might have experienced the “dog vs. sofa dilemma.” It’s also estimated that 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States so you may instead be asking yourself, “cat or couch?” 

We know you want that beautiful stylish living room, but you also want to snuggle in front of the TV with your four-legged best friend. Do you buy the new sofa and cover it immediately so your pet’s muddy paws don’t destroy it? Or, do you stick with the already stained one and let him have free reign of the place? You may think you don’t have any other options, but guess what? You do! 

If you treat your fabric with Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection you can have the best of both! 

Stop pinning to the “Hacks for Removing Stains” Pinterest board.

When you treat your fabrics with Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection, spills bead up and sit on top of the fabric. Just blot gently with a cloth to remove. I know it seems like magic, but it’s really our patented formula making your life better. 

Never again ask, “Does the house smell like 20 cats live here?”

Barrier protection from Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection is important because when the inevitable pet “accident” happens, it doesn’t soak into your cushions causing smells and damage that can’t be removed. When you remove the mess from the surface, it’s taken care of – no fear of a lingering, growing smell creeping back to haunt you. 

Start actually living in your living room.

Pet hair, drool, dirty paws, house training accidents – all valid reasons that people often choose to keep their “good furniture” in a separate room from where they actually spend most of their time with family and pets. But what’s the use of having good things if you can’t enjoy them? Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection protects the furniture you like so you can enjoy it with the animals you love. That’s right, it’s possible to have style, comfort, and easily clean up after your pet!

Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection Anti-fading Fabric Protection Spray 

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