We’ve all been there, a favorite patio umbrella or outdoor carpet is ruined because you’ve left it outside too long and the sun has taken its toll on things. You don’t want to 

be wasting your money on great outdoor decor just to have it ruined. Fortunately with our Ray & Rain Repellant® you can keep your favorite items in beautiful condition from season to season. 


When you have a great outdoor space, it’s ideal for relaxing, spending time with family and friends. You want to show your home at its best, with all the decor you enjoy. The last thing you want to do is waste your hard earned time off by putting up and taking down all your outdoor items every time you want to enjoy your space.


Buy the beautiful outdoor decor that you enjoy and leave the maintenance to Ray & Rain Repellant®, without worry that it’ll be destroyed by the elements. Our quality spray takes care of your quality items. Apply it to protect your items from the fading and weathering of the sun and mold and mildew from the rain.

Ray & Rain Repellant® is made for waterproofing fabric and as a weatherproof spray that will prevent water damage, create stain resistance and is formulated to stop sun fading on outdoor fabric. Anti-Fading Fabric Spray