With summer almost here, the pool is ready to be used! It’s time for barbeques, pool parties, and graduation celebrations! In order to host, it is important to keep your outdoor pool furniture clean and bright! Pool furniture is a main target for sun fading due to its constant exposure to rays. Here are tips to keep your pool furniture safe from the sun.


Rotate your cushions

Many people don’t think about rotating the pillows and cushions on their patio. After all, they all get sun at some point during the day, and you may not feel like you’re making a difference. But some of your pieces might get more UV rays than others, which will make their colors fade faster. Then half of your outdoor space will be bright and colorful, while the other…not so much. To prevent this, move pillows and cushions around your patio so you can expose them equally to sun and shade.


Get an umbrella

Another easy way to protect your patio or pool furniture from sun damage is to invest in an outdoor umbrella. Shading your patio will not only prevent fading in your furniture and cushions; you’ll also be able to add some personality to your space! A custom umbrella manufacturer can help you choose from various fabrics, colors, and patterns to design a stylish covering.


Make sure to inspect your furniture

Fading fabric is the most obvious form of UV damage, but the sun can also cause plastic and woods to weaken over time. You should inspect items made of plastic, wood and wicker for weakness at least twice a year. This can help prevent accidents. For more solid wood pieces, make sure that the sun hasn’t reduced any stain protection by splashing some water on it. It should still be beaded 15 minutes later. If the wood has soaked the water in, it’s time to add more stain.


Keep your furniture clean

It’s important that you clean your outdoor furniture on a regular basis. When left outdoors for a long period of time, furniture will attract dirt, pollen, dust, insects and other debris. As this debris accumulates on your furniture, it can wear down the fabric or outer layer of paint, thus increasing the risk of fading. The good news is that you easily clean most outdoor furniture by spraying it down with a garden hose. There’s no need for a pressure washing, as it typically does more harm than good by blasting away the outer layer. Instead, spray your furniture down with a garden hose every few months to keep it clean and protect it from fading.


Use fabric protectant spray

To protect fabrics from the effects of fading, many homeowners now use fabric guards on their fabric patio furniture. Most fabric guards need only be applied every few weeks, even in areas with constant sunshine. It’s important, when selecting a fabric guard product to choose a product that offers both U.V. protection and liquid staining protection.


Making an intentional choice about fabric and, pairing that choice with our Solar Shield Protection Spray, an Indoor/Outdoor Stain and UV Fabric Protection Spray, or, Ray & Rain Repellant®, an Anti-Fading Fabric Spray made for waterproofing fabric, you won’t be scratching your head a year from now about how to replace your cushions and pillows. Instead, you will be removing your patio furniture covers and relaxing on your like-new fabric— all thanks to our Anti-Fading Fabric Sprays!

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