Why do awnings get so dirty?


Being exposed to harsh outdoor conditions constantly takes a toll on fabric! Ultraviolet rays damage fabric dye, causing it to lose its color. Rain breaks down the internal structure of the fabric and can lead to mildew or molding in the fabric weave. Wind can easily damage fabric by ripping or tugging, oftentimes stretching the fabric.


Awning fabrics are exposed to grease, dirt, pollen, animal waste, and many other outdoor substances that bleach and damage fabric. If you refrain from putting any sort or repellant, then you will have to clean the awning regularly in order to keep up the integrity of the fabric.


What can I do to prevent damage when choosing an awning?


While choosing an awning, it is essential to consider the fabric. Using a more durable fabric such as acrylic or vinyl in place of cotton or natural fabrics will minimize that damage it obtains.  Also, fabrics that are flimsy won’t hold up as well under windy conditions. Therefore, when choosing awnings, always evaluate the temperature and weather trends in that area.


What are the steps to applying the Ray and Rain repellent?


When washing an awning and applying repellent it is important to follow three essential steps. These are super easy to follow!


Step One: It is important to fully wash the awning. This should be done by filling a bucket with lukewarm water and light dish soap. Use a soft bristled brush to clean the fabric in a circular motion. Then use a hose by washing off the soap from the awning.


Step Two: Fully spread out the awning so that it dries completely. This is crucial because the Ray and Rain repellent will not stick until the awning is thoroughly dry.


Step Three: Simply spray on the Rain and Rain repellent to coat the awning evenly. One gallon of Ray and Rain Repellent will cover approximately 1500 square feet. Leave it to dry for over four hours. Then your awning is ready to battle the weather!


Ray and Rain Repellent is a product to target both the harsh ultraviolet rays and rain! Through using Ray and Rain Repellent, you can easily target the weather conditions that will be thrown at you during the spring and summer seasons. Awnings will win by way of Ray and Rain!

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